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Learn a new language by building confidence from day one. Connect with a supportive community of native speakers for language exchange and real life conversations. Easily see what needs more revision, from pronunciation to writing and learn languages faster.
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Because learning a foreign language is never easy. (Busuu MOD APK) Most people give up midway because they do not have a scientific foreign language learning plan and especially do not put themselves and strict discipline to self-study every day for a certain amount of time. Busuu MOD APK will be an app to help you learn a healthy, simple language and have many ways to overcome these two key problems.

About Busuu MOD APK

Busuu: Learn Languages is a mobile app that falls under the category of education and language learning. It is designed to help users learn a new language through interactive lessons, exercises, and activities.

Learning a foreign language if started properly from the first years of life will be the most ideal way to learn. But if you, unfortunately, do not have that foundation, we will have to start learning foreign languages ​​as adults, the way an adults.

Then you already have too many busy, distracting things around. A day, even spending just half an hour learning a foreign language is a luxury. Most adults who learn English always face the same difficulty: no scientific study plan, and no self-discipline to ensure the minimum amount of study in a day. These are the two root causes of spending a lot of money, and pursuing many courses for a long time, but still no results.

Instead of looking for other vague and sublime things, let’s start learning a foreign language in a more thoughtful, orderly, and scientific way with basic learning rules, with the help of a language learning app like Busuu.

Language Learning

Busuu MOD APK offers a range of language courses, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and many more. Each course includes interactive lessons that cover grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. The app also provides a range of activities and quizzes to test users’ knowledge and reinforce their learning.

Speaking Practice

One of the main features of Busuu MOD APK is its speaking practice tool, which allows users to practice their speaking skills with native speakers. The app provides real-time feedback on pronunciation and grammar, making it an effective tool for improving speaking skills.

Writing Practice

The app also includes a writing practice tool, which allows users to practice their writing skills by submitting writing exercises for correction and feedback.

Vocabulary Builder

Busuu MOD APK offers a range of vocabulary-building exercises, including flashcards, quizzes, and word lists. Users can also create their own vocabulary lists and study them using the app’s spaced repetition system.

Offline Mode

The app offers an offline mode that allows users to download lessons and activities to study without an internet connection. This is useful for users who want to study on the go or in areas with limited internet access.

Progress Tracking

Busuu MOD APK tracks users’ progress through the courses and provides feedback and recommendations for further study. Users can also earn rewards and achievements for completing lessons and activities.



The app is free to download and use, but it offers in-app purchases for additional features and tools. The app also features a premium subscription that provides access to more advanced courses and features.


Busuu: Learn Languages is a comprehensive language learning app that offers a range of interactive lessons and activities to help users improve their language skills. Its speaking practice and writing practice tools make it an effective tool for improving communication skills, and its vocabulary builder and progress tracking features provide a comprehensive learning experience. The app’s offline mode and reward system also make it a convenient and motivating tool for language learners.

MOD APK version of Busuu

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked

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As one of the rare foreign language learning apps that are highly appreciated by many well-known experts in the technology industry (such as from PCmag), actual users themselves also give many positive comments about the effect in the process. As a language learning app, Busuu is the app you should have on your device to start learning foreign languages ​​more effectively every day.

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No time to learn a language? Juggling work, studies, gym, family, friends and other hobbies?
Take the stress out of learning languages with a personalised and adaptive Study Plan that fits around your life.
Set your goals and your schedule
Generate a plan based on your availability
Work towards an estimated completion date, in small, achievable steps
Learning a language has never been simpler.


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